In our view “Humanity should be our race, Love should be our religion “

*Sandhills Global represents THTC – The Turkish Health Travel Council – Network Office in Canada

*Sandhills Global represents ReproArt -The Georgian / American – Reproductive IVF Center

We listen to our client’s needs and expedite their medical travel by providing the necessary information about the international medical facilities.

Establishing active, and direct communication between the client and a variety of caregivers (Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Wellness centers) is a service that we proudly offer to our clients free of charge.

Sandhills Global offers customized Marketing Strategies, Competition and SWOT analysis to the health care service providers at different destinations.

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WE ARE NOT A TOURISM COMPANY; We don’t offer any travel or tourism packages.

WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, and we don’t establish any doctor-patient relationships with our clients

INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SANDHILLS GLOBAL IS FOR EDUCATION PURPOSE ONLY, and does not substitute for professional medical advice.

Sandhills Global educates clients about global hospitals and medical treatment providers, also, following up on client requests and permission, we can forward their medical reports to different hospitals for review. Hospitals will provide a professional opinion, alongside the available treatment plans and other necessary information such as the approximate treatment costs, duration of stay, hospital and specialists’ experience and background.

Our clients will be able to choose among different hospitals for their medical treatments. They will visit the hospital, consult with the health care professionals, and make their final decision about their treatments.  The service provided by Sandhills Global is for educational and informational purposes only, and SANDHILLS GLOBAL IS NOT LIABLE FOR RISKS OR ANY ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH PATIENT DECISION, HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL’S ADVICE, CONSULTATIONS,  MEDICAL TREATMENTS SUGGESTED BY THE HOSPITALS & CLINICS, HEALTH CARE  PROFESSIONAL S,  AND THE OUTCOME OF THE TREATMENTS.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


“Humanity should be our race, Love should be our religion “ Medical Travel information provider, Humanitarian support, Marketing for healthcare service providers / Hospitals are what Sandhills Global offers to its clients internationally. We support our clients by: Listening to our clients’ needs. Being connected to our clients through our expertise. Establishing active direct communication between the client and physicians & Healthcare providers from the beginning of their treatment journey.