The physician will need Medical Data about your symptoms, as well as your general health condition to determine if treatment is safe and appropriate for you.

The evaluation will include:

  • Medical Exams Review:
    A careful examination will help the doctor to understand your general medical condition.
  • Medical Documentation Review: We will forward your X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, photos, doctor’s diagnosis, reports, etc. to your medical physician for evaluation.
  • Expectations Review: Your doctor would like to know what would be your expectations of the treatment to provide you complete satisfaction. We determine your expectations in advance to make sure we can provide you with your desired outcome.
  • Doctor’s Diagnosis (on-site): necessary exams will be performed onsite to evaluate your actual condition before treatment.
  • Doctor Consultation (on-site): Your doctor will discuss the procedure and details of your treatment on-site in advance.