Surgery preparation:

The surgeon will need Medical Data about your symptoms, as well as your general health to determine if surgery is safe and appropriate for you. The evaluation will include:

  • Medical Exams Review: A careful examination will help the surgeon to understand your general medical condition.

  • Medical Documentation Review: We will forward  your X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, photos, doctor’s diagnosis, reports, etc. to your surgeon for evaluation.

  • Expectations Review: Your surgeon would like to know what  would be your expectations of the surgery to provide you a complete satisfaction. We determine your expectations in advance to make sure we can provide you with your desired outcome.

  • Doctor’s Diagnosis (on-site): Necessary exams will be performed onsite to evaluate your actual condition before surgery.

  • Doctor Consultation (on-site): Your doctor will  discuss the procedure and details of your operation on- site before the surgery.